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Calle and Lily of the Valley for Wedding on Lake Como

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

You are in the heart of the preparations for your wedding: you have already decided on your dress and the location. The emotion is felt and it is time to choose the bouquet that will accompany you during the most important walk. Here is a simple, elegant and impactful suggestion, with a triumph of delicate shades. An enchanting bouquet made with calla lilies and delicate lily of the valley flowers. This combination gives volume to the composition, maintaining a chic and sophisticated line.

Calle and Lily of the Valley Bridal Bouquet Como Lake Wedding
Calle and Lily of the Valley Bridal Bouquet Como Lake Wedding

With calla lilies it is possible to create a cascading bouquet, for a scenographic and dynamic effect, as well as floral arrangements for a refined wedding. They are the flowers of excellence for religious ceremonies and more, a symbol of purity and innocence. Also known as lilies of the Nile, they are identifiable by their long stem and large funnel-shaped white leaf that encloses a precious yellow spadix similar to an ear. Lily of the valley, or convallaria majalis, available in white and pink shades, is known for its intense scent and delicious bell shape. It is perfect to combine with many other blooms, to create a cloud of freshness! It is important to remember that the bouquet must be in line with your wedding dress and with the wedding theme. If you favor elegance and class, the combination of calle and lily of the valley is just right for you! Another little tip: remember that not all flowers are available for all seasons. Each period is marked by wonderful buds. The month of May is ideal for the flowering of these two light and delicate flowers. Brides who celebrate their wedding in spring will be lucky to be enveloped in their perfume. The calla lilies extend their presence until the month of September, while in summer the flowers of lily of the valley give way to small red fruits. Now you just have to daydream and imagine yourself during your day: dress, bouquet and spectacular looks ... You will be a real joy for the eyes!

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